Flappy Bird 1.4 APK

Flappy Bird 1.4 APK Full Game Download To ISO & Android

Monday 24, 2014
Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird has become one of the most popular mobile games.
In our previous posts we mentioned about this insanely popular new game – Flappy Bird. This is the frustrating and very addictive game.
It makes you want to throw your phone and smash it to bits! A very unconventional game.
Developers at Flappy bird have so far released Flappy Bird for Apple iOS and Android OS.
However, until this arrives, a Flappy Bird clone is already available to download via Windows Phone store.
The makers of this game are very smart people,
they made a game that will want people to keep going and get a high score this game really makes the brain thinks
more although the concept sounds easy win you play it gets very crazy and sometimes you might get a high temper.
Flap your wings to fly…
How to play:
> Tap to flap your wings to fly.
> Avoid pipes.
> Try to get 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard)
What’s New in Version 1.4:
1) Support Android 2.2
2) Fix bugs.
3) IOS Support